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Alfatrade - Alfatrade.ltd
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The team of traders AlfaTrade is one of the most successful among traders in the United States, Europe and the CIS countries. Our team do invest on a long-term basis in precious metals, stocks and cryptocurrencies as well as, in addition to direct investing in these assets, our team is developing and applying trading algorithms for short-term trading and quick profit from the Forex and cryptocurrency markets.

    For a long time our team was working without an official registration only as individuals. For trading only personal funds as well as the funds of our so-called sponsors were used. However, in 2018 we have decided to increase the volume of our team’s trading assets and therefore we officially registered the company which was called Alfa Trade Global LTD. The company is officially registered in the UK on August 21, 2018. The company registration number is 11528096. The company's office is located at 56 Tavistock Place, Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom, WC1H 9RG. For the convenience of our clients we are also planning to register companies as well as to open official representative offices and offices in the USA and Russia.

    The history of our team begins in 2011, when its founder Nelson Langley first invested $ 100,000 in Apple shares as a private investor. In 2012 this investment made it possible to earn more than 100% of the profits, both on dividends and on the sale of Apple shares. On the way of development our team had both steep climbs and steep dips but today, after 7 years, our team already has 5 experienced traders / investors whose total turnover is over 13 million USD per month! In our work only manual trading is used, however, professional programs with authoring algorithms developed under the guidance of our traders enable us to predict both the Forex market and the cryptocurrency market and to build both short-term and long-term forecasts as advisors.

    Short-term investments are very risky but the algorithms we developed enable us to get a lot of interest rate on the cryptocurrency market trading. The most successful cryptocurrency deal brought us 8521% profit in just 17 days! And the most successful investment in stocks enabled our company to earn 279% profit in 3 months !

    By investing in our company you can be sure these are the investments which will enable you not only to earn but to increase your capital several times!

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Alfatrade - Alfatrade.ltd
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